19/01/2019 Norfolk Open

The Andre Ramos Essex Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team travelled to Norwich to compete in the Norfolk Open.

We had 8 competitors! 3 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronze!
Well done to Chrissy Young, Luke Smith and Jamie Hooker who secured gold after some tough matches!
Well done too Michael Zohouri who managed to secure 2 Bronze medals!
Well done to Jimmy Farquhar and Tom Manners who won Bronze!

After Jamie Hooker submitted everybody in his division he received his purple belt on the podium by head coach Paul Harper.50840195_2199563156983830_2892699768511791104_n[1].jpg51016015_2199563116983834_1631330747702837248_n[1].jpg50522188_2199563036983842_367420978860392448_n[1].jpg50494697_2199562993650513_4070973185166671872_n[1].jpg50463131_2199562960317183_7005935951562145792_n[1].jpg

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