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At Primal Combat Academy we have a wide variety on classes available. Anyone having trouble signing in on our app please use the live schedule on this page to sign in to classes.

MORning classes:-

BJJ Classes

Submission grappling ( nogi )


Muay Thai

combat fitness

Power hour ( strength training)


Evening classes :-

Junior Classes (5yrs+)

Junior Competition training (invite only)

Bjj Beginners classes (14yrs+)

BJJ Classes (14yrs+)

Submission grappling (nogi 14yrs+)

MMA beginners (14yrs)

MMA (14yrs)

muay thai begiNners (14yrs+)

muay thai

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Experience the thrill of Martial Art classes at Primal Combat Academy! Learn powerful techniques, sharpen self-defense skills, and build confidence under the guidance of our seasoned coaches. Transform your martial arts journey – enroll in our classes now!

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